Advantages of Solar Energy

Advantages of solar energy cannot be overstated. Despite the fact that it has its shortcomings, it is important to note that its merits dwarf its demerits. The advantages of solar energy have made this form of power popular in the last several years.

Advantages of Solar Energy – What Makes Solar Energy the Best Source of Power

Materials Are Readily Available and Renewable

One of the major advantages of solar energy is the fact that the raw materials that are usually used to generate power not only unlimited but they are also renewable. This is because sunlight is free and there is a guarantee that the sun will always shine meaning that it is impossible to run out of the sunlight which is the source of this power.  This production of this form of power does not require one to buy raw materials constantly as other forms of energy do. This makes it the cheapest alternative when compared to other sources of power.

Does Not Emit Pollutants

The other merit of using this form of power is that unlike other sources of power, it is known to have little or no emission of pollutants. The energy panels that are used to trap and produce power is made in such a way that it does not pollute the environment. The only environmental costs that are normally incurred are the manufacturing and the construction costs. It is however, important to note that the environmental costs that are incurred in the construction and manufacturing of the panels is negligible when compared to the environmental costs that usually incurred by the other power sources such as coal and fossil fuels. For instance, when fossil fuels are burned, they discharge about 21.3 billion tons of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere. This form of power is safe for use as it simply entails the trapping of sun’s rays into the panels and does not entail the burning of any fuels. Since this form of power does not require the extraction of any materials from the earth, it facilitates the saving of the eco-system from practices that are likely to destroy it. This form of power also leads to the reduced reliance of fossil fuels which are known to be harmful to the environment.

Can Be Used In Remote Areas

Advantages of solar energy include the fact that this form of power can be used in remote areas that do not have the privilege of being linked to power grids. As such, these power panels have been praised to improving the quality of lives of persons living in remote areas as they no longer have to live in darkness. Since the persons living in the remote areas are able to acquire this energy, most of them have stopped relying on fossil fuel as a form of energy thus reducing the environmental costs that are usually incurred as a result of using energy sources that pollute the environment. Fossil fuel also jeopardizes their health as they contaminate the air with pollutants and as such the use solar panels is the best option. The panels also save the persons living in remote areas from having to deal with the cost of electricity installation as solar power can be installed on or off the grid.

Job Creation

The manufacturing and constructing of solar panels provides jobs for persons working in the industry. Lately, these panels have become so common resulting into more employment opportunities as the industries that manufacture the panels need more manpower so as to meet the market demands. Employment opportunities are also created in the researching fields as the manufacturers need scientists’ expertise so that they can improve their power panels. Employment is also created for persons who are experienced in marketing and selling the panels and those that install them. Creation of jobs contributes to improving the economy of a country.

They Are Not Noisy While In Use

Power panels are made in such a way that they do not produce any noise as there are no movable parts in them. This makes them ideal to use as they do not cause noise pollution that can be very irritating at times. Other forms energy producers need blades and gearboxes that are prone to producing too much noise while in use. The fact that they do not produce any noise while in use, has made them the popular as they are being installed in residential homes and business premises.

It Is Economical

Advantages of solar energy are inclusive of the fact that this form of power is economical. Although the initial costs that come as a result of buying the panels and installing them may be high, after using the panels for a while you will begin to realize that you are saving so much as you are not paying electricity bills anymore. The money that would have been used to pay electricity bills can be invested on other important projects or activities that require money. Most panels come with a 20-25 years guarantee: this means that if the panel fails within this period of use, it can be replaced by the manufacturers. If you have more solar power than you need, you have the option of storing it in batteries for later use. If excess power is produced, it can be sold to power companies and this leads to the generation of income.

It Is Reliable

This form of power is very reliable when compared to other sources as it is less likely to fail you.  As long as your panel is in good condition, you are guaranteed to have power all through. Due to the fact that it is very reliable, it saves you from having to deal with the headache of not having power. Since the other sources of power are not within your control, they are not reliable because power blackouts could occur at any time. Panels are known to be effective even when the weather is cloudy as they continue to be a good source of energy even when the sun does not shine in the daytime. This form of power is reliable as it is used to power almost everything including; heating water, warming swimming pools, drying clothes, the powering of attic fans, producing both indoor and outdoor lighting, powering cars and so on. Since solar panels do not have any fixtures that are movable, one does not have to be concerned about replacing any parts.

Panels Are Easy To Install

The panels are easy to install as they do not require huge setups like most power sources do. This makes them convenient and versatile to use as they can be used in both business premises and homes. Other sources of energy such as geothermal energy require huge setups and this limits their use to places where they have a huge space to accommodate the power station. The installation of these panels does not entail the connection of any cords; the panel is usually complete as it is. The power panels require very low maintenance. This is because they do not need to be maintained constantly as they can be used for a long time without requiring any repairs. As long as the panels are used as per the manufacturers’ instruction, they are guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

Decentralization of Power

This form of power promotes decentralization of power causing all the areas that make use of this form of energy to be self-reliant. Other forms of energy such as gas, coal and oil are usually transported either internationally or to other localities. The transportation of power comes with other costs such as environmental costs, costs incurred due to wears and tears and transportation costs all of which wouldn’t have been incurred if solar power was used.

Avoids Politics and Price Volatility

Solar panels will enable you to avoid the price volatility and the politics that characterizes the fossil fuels industries. Since sunlight can be accessed from almost any location, without having to deal with price manipulation and politics that is likely to double the cost of accessing power.  The avoidance of the politics involved in the production of fossil fuels will enable you to save money as you will not be affected by the fluctuating costs.  Sunlight power cannot be monopolized as other forms of power have been monopolized by a few individuals and as such, it will continue to be free and readily available and free of any forms of interference by the individuals in power.

This Form of Energy Keeps Improving As Days Go By

The technology that is used to trap sunlight and convert it into power keeps improving as days go by. This is due to the myriads of research that continue to be carried out by scientists from all over the world. As such, the use of this form of energy continues to be popular all over the world huge developments continue to be made in improving its technology.  Due to the fact that the technology is evolving at a very fast rate, this form of power is rapidly becoming cost-effective. This is because the technology that rapidly improving and the production of the energy increasing. Due to the fact that the technology used to make the panels keeps improving, more and more people will continue to adopt it cheap, easily available, environmental friendly and so on. As a result, the use of fossil fuels and other sources of power that are not environmentally friendly will reduce rapidly.

The Panels Are Readily Available and Easy To Pay For

The panels that are used to produce solar energy are easily available as there are several outlets that sell them. It is also possible to order for the panel online as there are various sites that sell them. They are easy to pay for as some dealers allow buyers to pay for the panels in monthly installments. This allows one to save for the panel over a period of time as opposed to spending so much money at a go.

Panels Raise the Market Value of a Home

The installation of panels on home that is on sale is known to increase its value. This shows that most people have accepted the use of solar as a form of power and have also acknowledged the benefits that come with using this form of energy.  What is more is that the manufacturers are coming up with designs that blend well the designs of different types of houses. Some of the panel s comes with shingles which protect the home from different weather elements.

There Is a Variety of Panels in the Market to Choose From

Advantages of solar energy include the fact that the panels come in a huge variety. As such, one can choose the panel that best suits their need s and lifestyle. Depending on the amount of power that one needs, one can choose the size that will satisfy the power needs. The prices of these panels vary from the most expensive to the least expensive depending on the brand of the solar panel. This makes it possible for one to buy a panel that fits into their budget. Since the prices of these panels range from the most expensive to the cheap ones, it means that any person can afford a solar panel.

Advantages of solar energy can be enjoyed by all the individuals as the panels are readily available both in stores and online. Since this form of power is free and renewable, it makes it a cheapest option when compared to the other sources of power. If one invests on a panel, they can put the money that they use to pay electricity into better use. Persons who want a reliable source of power should get a panel as it is extremely reliable unlike other power sources. If you install a panel in your home and you decide to move, you stand to gain more as the value of your home will improve.  A panel can be termed as being a lifetime investment.


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