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Wind Energy Pros and Cons – Is This Source of Energy Worth It?

Wind Energy pros and cons is the most discussed topic in the corridors of energy experts as the world is in dire need of renewable and efficient energy sources which are readily available and economically feasible. Have you ever thought on the purpose of the wind mills with rotating blades mostly seen on the hill tops in the country sides in real life and movies?

Yes those are for harnessing the wind energy. Natural resources are the best ways to fulfill the human needs, just some out of the box ideas and innovative minds are needed in order to exploit these resources optimally. Wind is undoubtedly one of the most abundant resources of the nature that is present everywhere but there are a few who know that wind can be used to propel vehicles, run industries and move machinery all around the world.

Did you know that according to National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), the renewable energy resources can fulfill 80% of the American energy needs and we are talking about the resources present in America alone?

Wind energy is one of the paramount energy resources among the multifarious and diverse options humans have to harness the natural flow of energy to fulfill their needs. Scientist, governments and local bodies are looking forward to use maximum alternative energy resources because the oil reserves are depleting at a very swift rate throughout the world. The dramatic elevation in the electricity prices is making it difficult to meet both ends for the general masses.

In this article we will tell you in detail about the wind energy pros and cons not only to provide quality information for the general readers but also to give an overview to the students and experts in the field of energy about the ways to enhance the harnessing of this exigent energy resource and this will help them to avoid the short comings in using the wind energy.

Wind Energy Pros and Cons


1) Green and Clean Energy

Among the wind energy pros and cons collection, the most primary and weighted advantage that can outrun the most shortcomings of the wind energy is that this prolific source of energy is “green and clean” that means wind can be deployed to produce energy without any pollution, toxic materials and fossil fuel generation. Due to the increasing industrial concentration in the world, the alternative energy resources accompany with the primary disadvantage of the pollution because renewable energy resources cannot be used without the production of toxic materials but wind energy offsets the pollutants in the air. According to a study, wind energy plants located at California contributes to an offset of around 2.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide, and 15 million pounds of other pollutants that would have been very detrimental for the human and animal life. The on shore wind energy production resources can produce electricity without emitting any kind of pollution and this is the most exigent feature of this energy resource. Wind energy harnessing can be done without any green houses gases production, toxic wastes and carbon by-products.

2) Amazing Potential That Can Satisfy All the Energy Needs

Whenever the wind energy pros and cons are discussed, the abundance of potentiality factor can also add a great weightier to the usability of wind energy resources because according to an estimate, the wind energy resources have the potential of producing a power of around 400 TW (terawatts). As the wind is available everywhere on the earth so the wind energy can be harnessed and deployed for the human uses literally everywhere excluding the feasibility factors and risk assessment. The elevation of the magnitude of the wind energy potential can be perceived from the study that took place in Palo Alto, California in which the scientists said that he wind energy can suffice for the energy needs of the whole civilization and if a 100 more wind mills can be installed, this can do tricks beyond imagination of the humans. They said that the wind energy can be effectively harnessed to produced trillion of watts of power that can fulfill the energy needs for the humans all around the world. According to government estimates wind mills produced around 7TWh of energy  that is more than a quarter of the electricity provided by British renewable energy resources and are enough to save six million tones of CO2 throughout UK.

3) Economical Energy

Another important advantage of wind energy is its cost effectiveness. In the era of depletion of the energy resources, the scientists are looking into the most economical renewable energy source that they can use in order to satisfy the industrial and day to day energy needs of the human beings. The experts throughout the world, after assessing the wind energy pros and cons have come to the conclusion unanimously that the wind energy is definitely the most economical renewable energy resource that can be used effectively to carry out the energy needs. With increasing coal and gas prices, the wind energy resource is the most exigent source of energy to suffice the needs of human kind because of intense monetary benefits. The Colorado Public Service Commission started a 161-megawatt (MW) wind project in Lamar in order to complete the local energy needs and they were amazed to know the fact that wind energy generation was one of the most economical way to generate energy and Colorado, the commission determined that wind energy provided the lowest cost of any generation resource of energy production submitted to a solicitation bid by Xcel Energy. Wind energy is so profitable that in America, due to the 47,000 megawatts of wind energy capacity outlets, each mega watt gives a total of $11,000 income to state.

4) Agricultural and Rural Development

Rural and agricultural development is another important advantage of wind energy. Wind farms located in rural areas can generate a lot of Energy and this energy can be transmitted to load centers in urban areas using the regional utility grid outlines that are normally available readily. Rural areas can sustain the land lease revenue and many farmers can rent the spaces and outdoor capacities and gain incomes. Wind energy also provides an increased and augmented local tax base for rural areas. Prowers Count which is a home to the Lamar project, increased its local tax base by $32 million and a 912 MW of new wind power installed in Texas in 2001 produced $13.3 million which was used in the schools and social work.


Wind energy pros and cons article turning into a “wind energy pros article”? No! As we are about to tell you about the cons of the wind energy so that you may remain vigilant and can know the potential short comings and threats of this energy resource.

1) Unstable/ Unreliable Energy Resource

As wind is one the most low density energy resource, efficiency is decreased of the wind mills farms if a very large number of wind mills are not placed. There should be great amount of distance between the wind mills because of the requirement of harnessing energy and turbulence problems. Due to the low density, the intensity of the wind does not remain constant and there are halts and closes for the wind mills which can really cause damage to the electricity output and all the appliances that are used to harness this energy. The winds are not constant all the time and the onshore wind harnessing cost can increase exponentially.

2) Threat to Wild and Human Life

Due to barotraumic noises and turbulence, the wild life can be at danger. In North America, around 300,000 in one cave alone was dead because of the white noise problem caused by the wind mill noises and turbulence. Humans living around the areas where wind mills are placed can also be upset due to the sounds produced because of the wind mills. The birds are killed in great numbers due to the sharp blades of the wind mills.

3) Limitation of Deployment

Wind energy is only suitable for the coastal regions where the wind mills can be made with optimal feasibility. The hilly areas are also very suitable for the wind energy harnessing but what about those parts of the world where the wind speed is very low? Certainly this energy source fails in those areas and this is one of the most prominent drawbacks of wind energy. The alternative energy resource which is being searched by the scientist should be constant and readily available all the time in order to increase the homogeneity of the productivity of the industry but wind energy sources lack this factor. Similarly the coastal regions are not very abundant in perspective of the areas and the numerous wind mills cannot be built on coastal region otherwise it will decrease the scenic beauty of these regions.


Wind energy pros and cons must be assessed in a balanced way and the world energy experts should inculcate this fact that no alternative energy resource can be perfect. We have to combine the pros of diverse and multifarious energy resources in order to satisfy the augmenting and elevated energy needs of humans. The wind energy resources have a capacity to fulfill the energy needs but at the same time the disadvantages must be inculcated at the planning levels to optimally exploit the productive resources.


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